Improving the mobile experience

Every month, 130 million people play our games through the web and app stores. And we’re constantly striving to improve the player experience on all platforms.

Our current focus is on mobile. Unsung Heroes (see video above) is our campaign to connect app-store players with a wider range of great games and to connect game developers with larger audiences.

At our launch event at Casual Connect in Amsterdam, developers told us about the challenges of finding an audience in mobile, of engaging globally and of successfully monetizing their games.

We’re working with the best developers to launch a new generation of mobile games that will take player experience to the next level.


Latest blog posts

  • Unsung Heroes: Mobile Games can Sink without Trace for Want of Marketing Know-how

    May 17, 2015

    For Hernan Lopez of Epic Llama, selling a game on mobile was like throwing a stone into a lake — it sank without trace. “We know our game is great,” Hernan says. “It won awards. It did great on the web. The casual market liked it.” But when it came to mobile, something went wrong. […]

  • Unsung Heroes: Frustrated in Getting an Audience for a Great Mobile Game

    April 30, 2015

    Socioball is an awesome game tailored specifically to take advantage of the mobile platform and yet the developer finds himself thwarted in getting it in front of users Shailesh Prabhu’s story is like that of very many other mobile game developers. A massive amount of time and passion went into creating the puzzle game Socioball. […]

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Latest news

  • Spil Games Launches $50,000 Unsung Heroes Competition to Highlight Awesome Mobile Games

    April 23, 2015

    Mobile game developers could win a publishing deal with Spil Games equivalent to $50,000 Mobile game developers could win a publishing deal equivalent to $50,000 in a competition launched as part of the Unsung Heroes initiative by Spil Games today. In the first phase of Unsung Heroes, we heard from game developers about how tough […]

  • My Dolphin Show: New park, new costumes, new trainer, new tricks!

    March 19, 2015

    Fans will flip over Spil Games’ latest, and most robust, update to the popular 5-star game, My Dolphin Show! Now available in the iTunes App Store, the latest version of My Dolphin Show will not only allow players to perform as their favorite dolphin, but also direct the trainer as she tries her hand as […]

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