Mobile Games: The Player Perspective

For developers, creating a game that gets players completely hooked is a sort of nirvana. We want players who cannot help themselves — they keep coming back.

Unsung Heroes: The Players was a roundtable we ran to get the player’s point of view on mobile games. It was part of our ongoing campaign to give awesome games the chance they deserve. Too many great games fall into the black hole of the app stores and we want to give them a better opportunity.

During the roundtable our “player” Kristen Rutherford gave us an amazing insight into what it feels like to play an addictive game (read the whole story here).


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    February 12, 2016

    Spil Games is thrilled to announce that once again it is a Gold Sponsor at Casual Connect Europe. The show is Europe’s premier event for mobile game developers and is a huge networking opportunity for everyone involved in the industry. As usual, we’ll be simultaneously having fun and taking it incredibly seriously. We’ve been hard at […]

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    Game play is changing. More and more people are putting down their consoles in favour of the gaming devices they carry around with them — their phones. And smart game developers are adapting the way their games work to make the most of this changing landscape. We brought a player, a developer and a publisher […]

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    December 10, 2015

    The Troll Face Quest series just hit its seventh iteration with 48 new levels and a theme based on video memes — is there no stopping the Troll Face Quest juggernaut?  Troll Face Quest Video Memes was published today on iTunes, Google Play and on the web by Spil Games. The game — puzzles where […]

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    November 24, 2015

    A Day in the Woods has won the Unsung Heroes Competition and with it a Spil Games publishing contract worth $50,000. Over 300 mobile games were entered in the competition. The goal was to help every one of them improve their profile with players and we believe the publicity surrounding the competition did just that. […]

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