UH Hernan Lopez at Casual Connect

Unsung Heroes: Mobile Games can Sink without Trace for Want of Marketing Know-how

May 17, 2015

For Hernan Lopez of Epic Llama, selling a game on mobile was like throwing a stone into a lake — it sank without trace. “We know our game is great,” Hernan says. “It won awards. It did great on the web. The casual market liked it.” But when it came to mobile, something went wrong. […]

UH Shailesh Prabhu at Casual Connect 2

Unsung Heroes: Frustrated in Getting an Audience for a Great Mobile Game

April 30, 2015

Socioball is an awesome game tailored specifically to take advantage of the mobile platform and yet the developer finds himself thwarted in getting it in front of users Shailesh Prabhu’s story is like that of very many other mobile game developers. A massive amount of time and passion went into creating the puzzle game Socioball. […]

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Unsung Heroes: Timing is Everything when Monetizing with Freemium

April 16, 2015

Getting the monetization strategy wrong at the start was critical for one mobile developer. At our Unsung Heroes event at Casual Connect in Amsterdam, we asked five developers to pitch their games. These were all great games which had missed their potential in the app stores. We wanted to learn from these developers’ experiences and […]


Breaking into China: the big localization debate

February 26, 2015

Developers can boost downloads 128% if they translate their apps into Chinese.   50% of the top apps in China are in Chinese. Deciding how much to localize games is key to developer strategy for cracking this huge market. The Low Cost Option For many developers, localization is too expensive or too complicated. “Publishing my next […]


Unsung Heroes: player co-creation is the secret to winning for Yellow Monkey

February 17, 2015

Indie developers Yellow Monkey Studios triumphed during our Unsung Heroes event at Casual Connect on 4 February. Shailesh Prabhu, founder of Yellow Monkey, presented his puzzle game, Socioball which everyone agreed was smoking.   We dashed a ball across the game’s quadrilateral of tiles where the minimalistic design and soothing colors hooked us. We cheered Socioball’s […]


How to give awesome mobile games the chance they deserve

January 30, 2015

People are already getting behind our Unsung Heroes campaign (it officially launches at Casual Connect in Amsterdam on 4 February 2015). Over the past nine months, we’ve shifted our focus to mobile gaming and very quickly we noticed something strange was going on. Some great games —some really great games —are being overlooked. Is it […]

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An In-App Price Hike May Be Your Secret To Making Serious Money

January 12, 2015

Developers can earn up to 50% of their revenue from in –app purchases, but many aren’t charging enough. Small purchases ($.99-$1.99) only contribute 6% whereas purchases costing $9.99 and more can contribute 47% according to W3i. “There is still a temptation to make price points low to test the water and not adjust these upwards […]


20 Gaming Events You Don’t Want to Miss in 2015

December 5, 2014

Meeting people, getting inspiration and having fun; the gaming industry is full of interesting events. Here is a list of the ones on our radar through next Summer. Let us know which ones we’ve missed or any anecdotes you have from any of the below events.   1. Pocket Gamer Connects Mobile developers who read […]

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Drive Player Immersion With Game Character Psychology

November 18, 2014

Developers win when they use psychology to design characters. This increases engagement, brand loyalty and return game plays. Here are 6 ways developers can use game character psychology in their games. We all want to be happy and have a feeling of well-being, according to the Self Determination psychological theory (SDT). Cyber psychologist Berni Good […]


5 Tips For Designing Great Game Characters

October 17, 2014

For developers, game characters are key to a game’s success. Players relate to well-designed characters which makes the game experience feel real. This results in engagement, game plays and revenue. Here is a list of 5 elements developers can consider when creating a character. What more do you suggest? Back Story Ida comes face to […]


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