Management team

Erik Goossens, Chief Executive Officer

Erik is kept busy steering Spil Games around an ever-changing marketplace. Since joining the company in 2012, he has been instrumental in identifying Spil Games’ strategic opportunities. Erik is highly skilled in asking questions, making decisions, and getting things done, all of which he does on a daily basis.

Erik’s experience in the online gaming industry goes back over a decade. He is the co-founder of well-known brands Zylom and Gynzy.


Willem van Wijmen, Chief Financial Officer

Willem is Spil Games’ Chief Financial Officer. His careful financial planning and management of Spil Games’ cash flow has helped the company flourish in its fast growth over the past years. Willem is moving Spil Games to the next level, driving all financial operations, including funding, financial planning & accounting, tax, legal, acquisitions and business reporting & analytics.

Willem brings sixteen years of experience in finance and executive management. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nyenrode University and a master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam. Having spent three years with KPMG as a financial consultant, Willem joined Business News Radio as a Finance Director in 2000. In 2007 Willem was appointed Chief Financial Offer of Spil Games Group BV.


Oscar Diele, Vice President Marketing & E-commerce

Oscar is responsible for user engagement across Spil Games’ online and mobile portals. He manages all activities around user acquisition, retention, and conversion. Oscar manages various teams; product management, brand marketing, online marketing, content licensing, virtual good sales, customer support, and PR.

Oscar’s experience in online media and e-commerce has helped him build strong brands that reap the benefits of engagement and revenue. His previous roles in Ebay and TomTom give him a valuable balance of experience in marketing online and offline products.


Ivo Teel, Vice President Technology

Ivo drives Spil Games’ technical vision and strategy. With technological advancement constantly accelerating, Spil Games’ prerogative is to leverage opportunities towards continuous improvement. Ivo’s direction ensures that technology is used to its fullest potential within the organization. Integrating new technologies alongside existing applications is Ivo’s contribution to Spil Games’ continued growth.

Ivo was a gamer from an early age. With a degree in computer science and engineering, plus several years’ experience running large-scale IRC networks, he joined Spil Games in 2002. Occupying various roles from marketeer to engineer, Ivo gained vast experience of the online-gaming industry and of Spil Games’ technological needs. He became Spil Games’ Chief Technology Officer in August 2011.


Bas Seelen, Vice President Advertising

Bas oversees the commercial and technological sides of Spil Games’ advertising department. Spil Games’ use of automated trading provides a more efficient and profitable service to our partners. With an aim to create the best commercial platform for gaming destinations, Bas continues to drive his team in an innovative direction.

In 1998 Bas founded one of the first digital sales houses in the Netherlands, which was later acquired by AdLink. In 2007, as Managing Director Benelux for Wunderloop, Bas introduced behavioral targeting to the market. He founded Eyeota in 2010—a company heavily engaged in data management and monetization—and finally joined Spil Games in 2013.


Floris Jan Cuypers, Vice President Corporate and Business Development

Floris Jan keeps Spil Games at the forefront of online gaming. He drives strategic planning, business development and global partnerships. Next to this he manages investor relations and general corporate development.

Having studied Applied Physics and researching fluid dynamics at Shell, Floris Jan began his career in strategy consulting across various industries, before moving into product management and marketing roles. Coming from marketing and business development at Google & YouTube, he joined Spil Games in 2009.


Mario Guasco, Vice President Human Resources

As Spil Games’ chief of Human Resources, Mario oversees the company’s extensive recruitment and professional development strategies. These range from talent acquisition to performance management, training and development, reward and recognition, and more besides. In such a dynamic, high-performance organization, that’s a mammoth task.

Mario has occupied several roles in the field of Human Resources as well as in Operations and Finance. His experience includes management and directorate positions at Citigroup, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Adecco and Teleperformance. Fluent in four languages, Mario is originally from Argentina and is a true representative of our multicultural workforce. He holds a BA in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Finance.


Bennie Eeftink, Chief Strategy Officer

Bennie occupies a privileged position as Spil Games’ specialist in online business opportunities. His involvement in Spil Games since its inception, coupled with his insight into market behavior, makes him an ideal Chief Strategy Officer. Bennie constantly scans the market to inform decisions on Spil Games’ future strategy and investments.

Bennie’s entrepreneurial roots go back to 1999, when he founded his first online company. Thanks to his passion for the internet, and his background in marketing, he quickly became a specialist in building online communities. Bennie joined Peter Driessen in the founding of Spil Games in 2004, and has been instrumental in its success ever since.


Peter Driessen, Chairman and Co-Founder

Peter led Spil Games for eight years before recently handing over the reins to Erik Goosens. He is now chairman of Spil Games’ executive board and is a proud spokesman for the company. He is also an ambassador for the development of in-browser games for every device.

Peter has a background in consulting and management coaching. Besides entrepreneurship, his areas of expertise are HR management and corporate strategy.


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