Meet the Game Freaks!
This team of game addicts is constantly on the prowl for exciting new games.

Jan-Michel Saaksmeier

Director Licensing
First Game: Pitfall
Favorite Device: Dreamcast
Likes: vodka Red-Bull, rogue-like games, running with blasting loud music
Dislikes: Non-skippable cut-scenes, Sauerkraut, empty cellphone batteries

Astrid Huntjens

Game Freak
First game: Commander Keen
Favorite device: PC
Likes: going to the movie theater in foreign countries, playing the piano, potato crisps
Dislikes: indecisiveness, popcorn

Erik Sombroek

Licensing Manager
First Game: Jazz Jack Rabbit
Favorite Device: N64
Likes: Star Wars, developing games, dance music, my kids
Dislikes: People that give up, cold, fish

This bunch is every bit as crazy about gaming as you are!
But be warned… they are very picky as well; only the best games make it to the final cut!
The Game Freaks will be your single point of contact at Spil Games throughout our partnership with you.