We’ve got what you need.
A team of 30+ excellent people who will support you in key areas to maximize the impact of your game!

State-of-the-Art Analytics Support

We analyze the market and provide predictive analytics to help developers prepare in the best possible way for the launch of their game. After the launch, we monitor developments ongoing to make sure we can swiftly respond to changing circumstances.

Product Development Support

We support developers with in-depth feedback and insights on topics like game and tutorial design, retention mechanics, monetization, user flow optimization and more to help them maximize the impact of their game when it hits the market.

App Store Optimization

We create effective assets and a compelling story to make sure your game stand out in the app stores. In addition, our team is constantly looking for optimization possibilities. Besides that, the great relationship we have with Google and Apple increases the chances of getting your games featured 😉

Live Operations Team

Our LiveOps team takes care of making sure that your game has the longest shelf life possible. They’ll provide you with invaluable insights and strategies to help maximize the ROI on your game after it launches.

User Acquisition & Performance Marketing

Our in-house UA & performance marketing teams have a proven track record of finding and delivering lots of high quality traffic to play your game. You’ll be sure to benefit from our global expertise and our excellent relationships with key press and vloggers in the industry.

Marketing & PR Power

We unleash our full marketing & PR power on the games that we publish. Our brand and communication specialists will turn your game into a brand that will stand out from the crowd and that will facilitate your journey to success.

Community & Customer Care

We build robust communities and social media presences to keep your players engaged. In addition, we’ll take care of all customer support.

Top Advertisers

Our platforms are well loved by advertisers such as Mattel, Coca-Cola, Netflix, McDonald’s and many more who have chosen us as their trusted advertising partner.

QA & Production Support

We have sophisticated in-house translation (17+ languages) and globalization capabilities and provide QA as well as cross-device and cross-platform testing.

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