Type of employment: Vacancy

Senior Games Analyst

We have data… lots of data. 100 million unique visitors on our web portals each month & 1 million gameplays per hour on peak hours. 1 million events per hour (!) generated by our mobile games! We need that data gathered, structured, organized and presented to internal teams in the way allowing them to make their decisions every day. If you…

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Senior Product Manager Mobile Games

Tasks & Responsibilities Why this is an awesome role: The ultimate chance to play a part in the mobile transition of one of the biggest Web Game publishers, currently offering gaming experiences to 100 million unique visitors each month;Working at a company with the ambition, full focus and MT priority on creating top 100 grossing mobile games;Spil Games publishes and…

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Junior Project Manager – Mobile Games

Tasks & Responsibilities As a Junior Project Manager: Mobile Games, you will be responsible for all activities related to successfully launching and promoting native games from 3rd party developers across various global distribution channels. You will trigger and steer the full process from launch to promotion. This will involve mobilizing internal departments, overcoming bottlenecks, tracking overall progress, and getting things…

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Game Producer

We love games: action, platform, shooter, adventure, role play, puzzle, strategy, logic, sports, racing, combat, small games, big games, addictive games, casual games … We are looking for a games enthusiast – someone who lives and breathes mobile games and while enjoying the gameplay can appreciate their business potential and drive them towards a commercial success. The Game Producer will…

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Senior Game Producer – Mobile Games

Tasks & Responsibilities The Senior Game Producer with a keen eye on game design, focus on high-quality and willing to be involved. That’s what we need to grow our Game Production team. You actually will have influence on “your” games! We entertain 100 million gamers across 6 continents (and counting) and our pipeline of games is constantly growing. Key tasks…

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