Type of employment: Vacancy

Senior Games Analyst

We have data… lots of data. 100 million unique visitors on our web portals each month & 1 million gameplays per hour on peak hours. 1 million events per hour (!) generated by our mobile games! We need that data gathered, structured, organized and presented to internal teams in the way allowing them to make their decisions every day. If you…

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Junior SEM Specialist

30+ global gaming portals, players from 6 continents (and counting) : what would you say to taking charge of Search Engine Marketing in that setup? Challenging? Fun? Awesome? Keep reading!  The Search Engine Marketing Specialist will take the responsibility for the Search Engine Marketing Mix at Spil Games. You will manage SEO and SEA across different devices (mobile, desktop, and…

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Junior Project Manager – Mobile Games

As a Project Manager – Mobile Games, you will be responsible for all activities related to successfully launching and promoting native games (from 3rd-party developers) across various, global 3rd party distribution channels.  You will trigger and steer the full process from launch to promotion, mobilize internal departments, overcome bottlenecks, keeping the overview on overall progress and getting things done within…

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International Corporate Recruiter

Recruitment at Spil Games is fun: it’s all about scouting the world on the lookout for the best talent. And you get to work with some 28 nationalities on board (and counting!). At Spil Games we strongly believe In the power of networking, sourcing, employer brand and candidate experience. Recruitment keywords are: passion, respect, honesty and teamwork. We don’t leave…

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Head of Data Architecture & Data Management

The Business Intelligence (BI) Team is the beating heart of all gaming operations at Spil Games. We collect data and provide insights around online and mobile gamers across the world so that we can make our games better, more fun and corresponding better to gamers expectations!  As Head of Data Architecture and Data Management you will manage a team of ETL…

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