Senior Games Analyst

We have data… lots of data. 100 million unique visitors on our web portals each month & 1 million gameplays per hour on peak hours. 1 million events per hour (!) generated by our mobile games! We need that data gathered, structured, organized and presented to internal teams in the way allowing them to make their […]

Senior Product Manager Mobile Games

Why this is an awesome role: The ultimate chance to play a part in the mobile transition of one of the biggest Web Game publishers, currently offering gaming experiences to 100 million unique visitors each month; Working at a company with the ambition, full focus and MT priority on creating top 100 grossing mobile games; […]

Internship: Graphic Design

Spil Games is a gaming company with a truly global reach. We publish games on our websites and in the Google playstore and Apple appstore. We attract millions of world citizens daily. There is a lot of competition out there and we need our games to stand out from the masses. Our graphic designers are […]

Influencer Marketing Manager

Bloggers, Vloggers, gaming enthusiasts and opponents keep discussing about games. We need you to bring our games to their attention, build influencers network and strong partnerships. 100 million gamers enjoy our games every month and the pipeline of games we will be launching in the coming months is full of exciting titles. We need you […]

Senior Game Designer

Why this is an awesome role: The ultimate chance to play a part in the mobile transition of one of the biggest Web Game publishers, currently offering gaming experiences to 100 million unique visitors each month; Working at a company with the ambition, full focus and management support to only publish top 100 grossing mobile […]

Internship: Data Analysis & Reporting

For this internship, you will be part of the Distribution Team, where we take care of all the content that is published on our 28 websites, which are visited everyday by millions of people from all over the world. We are a cooperative, creative, data oriented team with lots of passion for games and for […]

Internship: BI reporting

The Business Intelligence Team is providing insights around customers and their behavior and is serving several departments with these insights in order for them to make data driven decisions.The Intern is supporting the Business Intelligence Team with providing customer insights using reports and a dashboard environment. Stakeholders can use these to get all relevant information […]

Senior Localization Copywriter, Gaming

We’re looking for a Senior Localization Copywriter (full-time) to manage Spil’s written content as part of our Globalization strategy process. As Senior Localization Copywriter you will set up the framework(s) for the creation and delivery of high-quality copy at source. You will be responsible for both promoting the importance of content creation in-house, and for the […]

Senior Game Producer – Mobile Games

The Senior Game Producer with a keen eye on game design, focus on high-quality and willing to be involved. That’s what we need to grow our Game Production team. You actually will have influence on “your” games! We entertain 100 million gamers across 6 continents (and counting) and our pipeline of games is constantly growing. […]

Python Developer with interest for Native

The Native team is managing the backend system for game environment: we enable internal stakeholders to manage the in-game economy, in-app purchases, game balancing features, live events and a lot more. With millions of users every day you can imagine the challenges we face to let all these features work instantly: every small change on […]

VP Marketing

We breathe games: we admire innovative mechanics, we love beautiful graphics, art work and animation, we debate about latest tendencies and awesome games we discovered during the weekend but above all we love creating and bringing the brilliant gaming experience for gamers from across the world! It’s time for the next step in (un)conventional marketing […]

Head of Game Design

The new Head of Game Design should be a charismatic leader who will energize, mentor and coach our team of experienced Game Designers. The team is overlooking three mobile titles in live phase and is also working on several titles in our mobile pipeline to be announced in the coming months. As Head of Game […]

Senior Sales and Partnerships Manager, Advertising

Advertising sales business is ever changing and here at Spil Games we have always been on the forefront of new trends, tendencies and technologies. We manage (and operate) the monetization of 28 websites and 10 mobile apps, generating more than 3 billion ad requests globally. If you enjoy a changing, stimulating and rapidly evolving environment, […]

Business Development Manager (Platform Relations)

We’re looking for a Platform Relations Manager to boost the reach of some 100+ awesome apps on the AppStore, Google Play and Amazon Store.   As a Platform Relations Manager you know all the latest of what’s going on in the AppStore and Google Play and how to translate the benefits and impact of the changes […]

Internship: App Store Marketing

The birth of Google playstore and Apple appstore created new challenges in the working environment. Many new apps are being uploaded to the stores on a daily basis; varying from fashion apps, navigation apps to our favorite apps: Games. There is a lot of competition and game players can get lost in all the different […]

QA Specialist – Game Events

As a QA Specialist, you are responsible for ensuring the quality of mobile games published by Spil Games. Specifically, you will be testing the structure and correct functioning of Game Events, such as rewards, in game purchases etc. This role requires strong technical background, experience testing apps and/or games and exceptional eye for details. You […]