Spillers Raise a Toast to 2018

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As 2018 comes to an end people at Spil took a moment to celebrate successes and most importantly have fun together during our holiday party. Right off the bat, we were gripped with competitive fever during a pub quiz. Here Sergei desperately considers the answer to what is Milli Vanilli’s unfortunate claim to fame?* As…

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Hitting the proof points: Animal Hospital opens for business

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Update: Animal Hospital hit 1 million installs as of 31 December. The story so far: Spil Games has transitioned to a mobile-first games company, with its most successful game, Operate Now: Hospital, hitting over 30 million installs and achieving serious revenue goals. In early 2018, we decided it was time for a spin-off. Operate Now:…

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Behind the scenes: the strategic treasure hunt of User Acquisition

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Constantly learning — from colleagues, from the data and even from competitors — is vital in the shifting sands of user acquisition (UA). That people are open to talking about this new and evolving discipline is super helpful for newbie Eunhee Kim. Where do you come from and how did you end up in Holland?…

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Behind the scenes: constantly learning to optimize advertising

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Timing is the secret of the balancing act in his job, according to Richard Ramcharan, Technical Program Manager on Spil’s advertising team. Translating great ideas into technical reality maximises revenue while maintaining great user experience. How would you describe your job? Dynamic. There is always something new I need to understand, so I’m always learning.…

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Behind the scenes: the front-end developer who followed in his parents’ footsteps

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Spil Games remains #1 in the world for web games, and it is a vital part of our business. Sergei Demin has worked on the web portals for 2 years, first as a front-end developer and now as a senior web developer. He is originally from Lesosibirsk, a small town in Siberia. You’ve just passed…

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Behind the scenes: the best of being a manager is seeing people grow

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Kara Olthof’s love of web programming started in Johannesburg, South Africa where she grew up. She’s been at Spil Games since 2012 and has worked her way up until, this year, she became Head of Portal Operations. How would you describe your job? On an average day, I am faced with many different things. I…

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Uphill Rush’s Web to Mobile Success Featured in iOS Game Updates

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NOTE: This article first appeared in iOS Game Updates. We recently came across a unique game titled UpHill Rush that was launched on iOS platform and got in touch with the developers of this fun game. Here is our interview with Spil Games, where we get an in-depth glimpse at this game and some interesting…

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Innovation takes Operate Now: Hospital from strength to strength

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A major update with new features and innovations has driven our surgery simulation / hospital management game Operate Now: Hospital zoom past 20 million mobile installs. An update in June saw the addition of three new types of surgery to the game, a diamond level of senior staff member and two new disaster scenarios with…

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Spil Gamers gripped by World Cup fever

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As the World Cup reaches its final stages, people at Spil have been taking time out for in-depth analysis of the biggest games. What can we learn from World Cup matches about game mechanics, player engagement, and optimising user experience? With 28 nationalities at Spil Games we’ve been supporting pretty much every team and we’d…

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Behind the scenes: moving big data into the cloud

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Pruthviraj (Pruth) Shivanna works in Business Intelligence as a data engineer. He has been at Spil Games for a little over a year, working in the team migrating the company’s massive data warehouse from Vertica to Google BigQuery.   Why is data engineering so important to a games publisher like Spil Games? Sherlock Holmes cries…

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