Mobile Heroes: Amazon’s Mike Hines gets serious about the numbers

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Mike Hines,  Developer Evangelist at Amazon says it’s just  as important to generate revenue outside your mobile game as it is to think about ads and in-app purchases Mike was one of the big names in mobile gaming who told us their secrets of success at this year’s Casual Connect in Amsterdam.   He works with…

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The Secrets of Mobile Gaming Success

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Mobile Heroes is our campaign for 2016, tapping into success stories for mobile gaming. At Casual Connect Amsterdam we asked some big names to share their secrets of success. Last year, with Unsung Heroes, was about the challenges of the app stores. Now the campaign has moved on from black hole to white heat. It’s…

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Getting actionable user feedback

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In December, we already discussed mistakes you want to avoid for your game, and one of the points was not getting user feedback. In this article we want to get into this subject a bit more. Why is user feedback useful, how do you get it and what should you do with this? Useful feedback…

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Mobile Heroes gears up for success

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Amsterdam – 16 January 2016 –  Spil Games announces a new initiative at Casual Connect Amsterdam: Mobile Heroes.  The initiative will focus on secrets of success in mobile gaming. During 2015, we ran the Unsung Heroes Campaign to help awesome mobile games find the audiences they deserve. Now we’ve stepped it up a gear and…

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I love World of Warcraft but I just don’t have the time any more to immerse myself in those giant MMOs, says player Kristen Rutherford

Mobile is a game changer: smart developers are embracing the change

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Game play is changing. More and more people are putting down their consoles in favour of the gaming devices they carry around with them — their phones. And smart game developers are adapting the way their games work to make the most of this changing landscape. We brought a player, a developer and a publisher…

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5 Ways To Help Define a Game Audience

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Defining for which audience you’re going to build your game can be very difficult. However isn’t it important to know who is actually going to play your game? In this article we want to give some suggestions on how to get to know your audience. Market Research First of all, we want to look at…

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Icon design can mean hit of miss for young players. Jake Sones, Kristen Rutherford and Scott Johnston in discussion at Casual Connect San Francisco

How players find your game: what factors influence their decision

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What decides which game a player will choose to play next? We brought a player, a developer and a publisher together to discuss the issue and discovered there is a lot more to the decision than a game being featured in the app stores. The round table discussion was held at Casual Connect San Francisco…

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Developers: Tell Me About This Game

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Serious mobile game player Kristen Rutherford toured Casual Connect San Francisco looking for great new games. She made some awesome discoveries. She met Will Delventhal who developed Blitzkeep. “You’re going to die a lot of times,” he told her of his game. “Each actual gameplay doesn’t last very long but it’s really easy to play…

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Mistakes you might want to avoid for your game

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Albert Einstein once said: “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”. Even though this is totally true, one can learn from others and avoid making the same mistakes. This also applies to crafting a new game therefore, we have summed up a couple of mistakes you might want to avoid…

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Game localization: How to market in different countries

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Our beautiful world is huge! That said a game developer could reach a much bigger audience when looking for chances in markets where you don’t speak the language. However if you do not speak the language, how do you reach these potential players? In this blog, we discuss a couple of game localization questions you…

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