Secrets of success for Troll Face Quest

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Troll Face Quest is our most enduring series on mobile with huge numbers of people installing the game. There are 3 factors behind its success:

  1. It has a loyal audience who love the game’s mischievous pranks and devilish sense of humour. We make sure we keep them happy with continual A/B testing.
  2. Players keep coming back because the game is constantly reinvented with new ideas and even whackier jokes. There are 8 different games in the app stores and a new version comes out every 6 to 8 months. The latest is Troll Face Quest Video Games 2.
  3. Many YouTubers relish its entertaining playing style and so astonishing numbers of people have seen the game via these influencers.

Troll Face Quest’s top 5 influencer moments

Vlogger Subscribers Views Link
1 PewDiePie 60.0 million 8.0 million
2 Fernanfloo 26.1 million 17.4 million
3 JuegaGerman 24.2 million 9.9 million
6.1 million
6.0 million
4 jacksepticeye 17.8 million 7.3 million
2.5 million
2.4 million
5 DanTDM 17.6 million 6.4 million
4.9 million


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