Behind the scenes: the front-end developer who followed in his parents’ footsteps

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Spil Games remains #1 in the world for web games, and it is a vital part of our business. Sergei…

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Behind the scenes: the best of being a manager is seeing people grow

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Kara Olthof’s love of web programming started in Johannesburg, South Africa where she grew up. She’s been at Spil Games…

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Uphill Rush’s Web to Mobile Success Featured in iOS Game Updates

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NOTE: This article first appeared in iOS Game Updates. We recently came across a unique game titled UpHill Rush that…

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Innovation takes Operate Now: Hospital from strength to strength

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A major update with new features and innovations has driven our surgery simulation / hospital management game Operate Now: Hospital…

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Spil Gamers gripped by World Cup fever

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As the World Cup reaches its final stages, people at Spil have been taking time out for in-depth analysis of…

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