Unsung Heroes

The Secrets of Mobile Gaming Success

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Mobile Heroes is our campaign for 2016, tapping into success stories for mobile gaming. At Casual Connect Amsterdam we asked…

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I love World of Warcraft but I just don’t have the time any more to immerse myself in those giant MMOs, says player Kristen Rutherford

Mobile is a game changer: smart developers are embracing the change

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Game play is changing. More and more people are putting down their consoles in favour of the gaming devices they…

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Icon design can mean hit of miss for young players. Jake Sones, Kristen Rutherford and Scott Johnston in discussion at Casual Connect San Francisco

How players find your game: what factors influence their decision

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What decides which game a player will choose to play next? We brought a player, a developer and a publisher…

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Developers: Tell Me About This Game

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Serious mobile game player Kristen Rutherford toured Casual Connect San Francisco looking for great new games. She made some awesome…

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A Day In The Woods wins the Unsung Heroes Competition by creating an amazing atmosphere

Unsung Heroes: the story so far

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Our campaign to help awesome games reach the audiences they deserve. There is a lot going on with Unsung Heroes…

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