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Tutorial: Cross Promo Buttons

Please ask your account manager to arrange the setup of the cross-promo buttons before implementation.

Once the cross-promo buttons are setup at Spil Games, you can call the next API function in order to the retrieve all cross-promotion images and action that should be performed when the button is clicked.

The method return will return an object with the following format:

Below you can find the tags that you have to use for each cross promotional button.


Shall I include it to my game?

Code tag

App Store

If the game is also on App Store


Google Play

If the game is also on Google Play



If the game has a link to a Facebook page



If the game has a link to a Twitter page


My game 1

If your game is a part of a game series, make buttons to link to the rest of your games for example: Snail Bob 1, Snail Bob 2, Snail Bob 3 and so on or
Let’s Fish 1, Let’s Fish 2 or
König der Türme 1, König der Türme 2.

Note: The tags should be all lower case. Do not use special characters or apostrophes even if it’s part of the title.

for example: snail_bob_1,
snail_bob_2 or
lets_fish_2 or

In case you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact integration support!

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