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What you need to know before you start

Here is what you need to know when you are starting to integrate your game with Spil portals and systems.

We will provide you a game page on our integration portal that will have an iframe. The iframe will point to your game. You can use this environment in order to start integrating your game into our portals.

Furthermore we will provide you access to our payment tool where you can set the packages and manage the price of your virtual currency. To do that we will need some information from your side:

  1. A game URL publicly accessible, so our server can reach it.
  2. Desirable width and height of the iframe.
  3. An e-mail address that will receive automated payment failure notifications. Since this address may receive many notifications, it’s advisable to provide us a dedicated one.
  4. The e-mails of the people that will handle your company’s payment account in our payments back-end. Use the e-mail as username and in order to set up your password click on the button “I forgot my password” and follow the instructions.

In case you haven’t provided the above information to anyone at Spil Games, please send them to If you want to we can arrange a phone/Skype call in order to kick-off the integration.

The API currently offers the following features:

– Log in the users to your game and retrieve user data
– offer in-game purchases through the Spil Games Payment Service
– retrieve the user’s friends (so users can be exposed to each other in-game and they can start interacting)
– allow the user to send their portal friends an invitation via email to come play the game
– dynamically adjust the height of the game
– integrate game breaks (to be used with in-game ads for example)

What’s not currently available through our API is posting on a friends wall or sending a gift to a friend.

Starting the Integration

We will provide you a game page containing an iframe which points to your game. On the iframe URL we pass the following parameters. Your game can read these parameters.

Name Definition
siteid Integer – Holds the site ID value (ex.: 88)
channelid Integer – Holds the channel ID value (ex.: 1). This information is relevant to us, please ignore it.
appToken String – Among others holds

  • Application ID which is a unique game id,
  • GUID which is a unique user ID,
  • site id,
  • channel id.

By decoding the App token you can validate the username that is passed in the iframe url. Please keep in mind that is not mandatory to  validate the appToken from your side.

For further details about the appToken see below.

UID String – This parameter is here for backwards compatibility reasons and is deprecated. Please ignore it.
username String – Holds the user’s username (ex.: john_smith). If no username is passed you are dealing with a guest user.
siteLocale String – Holds the Locale of the site (ex.: en-US)

Follow the links below to start integrating our Game API and get access to our portals and user base:


Do we have to allow guest players?

It’s totally up to you if both registered users and guest users are able to play your game or only registered users. Please note that the conversion tends to be higher when you allow guest players to try your game. An additional advantage of storing guest users is that when they register after playing your game, their progress will be stored (since when they register an account, the global user identifier on the Spil platforms they were assigned as a guest does not change and is still associated with their now-registered Spil account).

In case you only allow registered players to play your game you should create a landing screen for the guest users. In this screen you explain that they need to register in order to play and place a button that triggers our login pop up. You will find more information on how to implement this here.

Do you have a unique identifier for your users?

Yes, it’s the value called GUID. It’s unique and the identifier is globally unique (on all our domains). You can retrieve it in two ways.

  1. From the getUser call.
  2. From validating the app token.

What’s the app token and what shall I do with it?

The app token is an extra security layer, a way to validate that the user data that is provided is correct. It prevents users from authenticating using other people’s accounts. More information about the app token, please contact us at
We will provide you with a secret which can be used to decode the app token. Note that it can take up to 3 days to get the secret from us.

What is Spil’s policy in regards to game localization?

We prefer to release games that are localized on the portal language, since it increases conversion (particularly in territories where people do not speak English that well).

How can I automatically detect the portal language?

From the game iframe URL we are passing the parameter “siteLocale”. The best way is to get the locale from there and serve the proper language to the user.

Expected values Language
en-US English – on US portals (ex.:
en-GB English – on British portals (ex.:
de-DE German
es-ES Spanish
it-IT Italian
fr-FR French
pt-BR Portuguese
pl-PL Polish
nl-NL Dutch
ru-RU Russian
sv-SE Swedish
en-ID Indonesian


To use the Spil Games Payment service, follow the links below: